Is a case management system important for a business?

Implementing CRM solutions for a business is paramount for maximizing profits and making your job easier than it was before. Besides the usual tools a company is looking for, there are many software products that you probably don’t know about. One of these tools is the case management system. Project management is an area whose importance has grown significantly in the last time, due to the fact that – on an international scale – more and more actions are taking place in the realisation of any given project or service.

A case management system is the best option to choose when your business has a lot to handle, speaking of huge databases, a lot of tasks to complete in a very short time, interminable case resolutions or reports that need to be analysed each and every month. How does a case management software work? Case management consists of planning, organizing and managing tasks and resources aimed at achieving a certain goal, given the existence of limitations in terms of time, resources and costs.

Benefits of using a case management system

Using a case management system solves problems such as:

  • Communication difficulties. These start to become a problem when confusions between notions (program/project/monitoring/evaluation/audit meaning) appear or in the absence of a very clear strategy meant to make communication between team members facile.
  • Managing projects difficulties. In the case the manager has a lack of knowledge in a certain domain the project is being initiated in, a case management system can deal with project monitoring and scheduling activities and tasks. Confounding the components of project management with those of strategy management of the institution is a common problem of employees – using a case management tool will make the notions clear for all the users.
  • Managerial conflicts. When things like subordination, interests, budget and resources intervene between employees things can get unorganized and messy. Any case management software can help maintaining your business organized and your processes scheduled without effort, which will later result in greater efficiency and, therefore, profits.
  • Erroneous decisions. When your employees or yourself make bad decisions it is because you can’t properly handle the information you are being given. This factor contributes to the overall results of a company, meaning that it has direct influence to your winnings. When the decisions you are making are influenced by correct data reports and analytics, your business will start progressing. This is possible with the help of case management systems which will help you keep track of any activity you are completing or currently trying to complete. Bad decisions will start reducing almost instantly and you can have full visibility of your actions and future projects.
  • Employees tend to not pay as much attention when handling a new case. This is the reason why many laws are broken because details weren’t noticed. When a case management system takes care of projects for you and offers you full visibility of every task you’ll have to complete on time.

Vendors that offer case management systems

  • bpm’online

Bpm’online is one of the many CRM vendors that help with automating tasks and processes. This is available for anyone who would like to take better care of the cases that need to be completed on time. Bpm’online offers features such as unifying a whole database with all the cases you have, sorted by type; assigning certain agents and teams to take care of their tasks and schedule their work; manage timelines for case resolutions etc. Besides the secure database, users can also receive notifications and alerts each time a case is close to its deadline. Tasks and calendar options will allow you to manage each activity that needs to be completed with time management tools like adding tasks (both personal and for agents) and there is a possibility to link the program to Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange.

  • Clio

Clio is one of the cloud-based software that is mostly used for lawyers to keep track of their cases. It works the same as any other case management system, meaning that managing cases is much easier when you have it all in one single place: meetings, documents, tasks or workflows. A better case resolution means gaining more profit faster.




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