Are You Done with In-App Purchases? How to use Lucky Patcher App?

Do you want to remove license checker in your app? Don’t want to see ads in your app? You must patch it with Lucky Patcher Google Play Store.

Lucky Patcher is used to patch all your apps to remove ads, license check in paid apps, create a modified app (for ex. APK file to install an app with the patch applied), and customize and limit activities and permissions. It can also patch an app while booting, do it manually with HEX codes, and backup your apps to recover them if things go wrong.

However, it cannot give 100% guarantee that patch works always and cannot work without busy box or without root. It is available for free and APK file is just 2 MB.

Some apps like Poweramp, Google Play, or ROM Toolbox Pro come with the custom patch. It means a patch is made for an app. It means it will work well. It is a license check remover for Poweramp, and a patch to remove restrictions for Play Store.

Secrets behind the Color of Apps

Lucky Patcher shows apps in different colors. For example, if it shows apps in Green color, it means the app is most likely to get restricted with patching. If it is Yellow, it shows a custom patch in /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/~.

If it is Cyan, it means the app contains Google Ads. If it is Magenta, it is in the boot list. If the app is Red, it is possibly not being patched. Apps that are made for an unlocker and app itself are more likely to get control through the patch. Orange refers to system application. In worst cases, a user may brick the system. BootList consists of the programs which can patch boot device. In that case, it is used for those apps which need to correct the libraries.

Lucky Patcher FAQs

What are the Star and Clover?

A clover is just a patcher which made changes in an app. Star refers to Dalvik-cache apps which are fixed.

What if I need a detailed help?

To get the detailed app, tap on Menu > Settings > Help in Lucky Patcher to get more details on how to create custom patches.

I patched an app, it indicates 60% luck. But the patch seems not to be applied anymore when I opened it. What does it mean?

If it indicates 60% luck, the patch may not work. It doesn’t mean patch works only for 60%. It means there are 60% chances that the patch affected what it must. And 40% chances that there is nothing happened to your app.

How to Fix if Lucky Patcher Freezes, Crashes or doesn’t work?

Lucky Patcher doesn’t work because your phone is too slow, your device is not rooted, you haven’t installed BusyBox, Lucky Patcher is old, and was not installed properly.

You may try updating your Android, root your device, quit other processes, quit the app, download and install Lucky Patcher and BusyBox again. Try these tricks to see if Lucky Patcher works on your device.

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