4 ways to Leverage Social Proof with Digital Marketing Company

The happiest places on Earth are crowded, but that doesn’t keep others away. In fact, it has just the opposite effect! An empty place is deemed as non-happening and it is the buzz that keeps everyone going. This powerful dynamic is known as social proof, which simply means following the herd. It is more of a psychological phenomenon where people mimic each other in order to display proper behavior for a given situation, even online.

Human beings are pack animals that look for cues from others when unsure of their own actions.This behavior has helped the digital marketers to influence their targeted audiences when promoting products and services. Social proof has been a major tool for online marketing and persuasion.However, it must be harnessed properly or it can be a threat for your promotions.

It is proven that sharing social proof via online networking sites can boost the discovery of your brand and add to its influence. The best way to leverage social proof correctly in your social media marketing efforts is with the help of a digital marketing company. The savvy marketers can easily tap into the fundamental principles of social proof and boost your online business.


The first thing most people do before buying anything online is to read the reviews. It is human nature to check the reviews and ratings to understand what others like and dislike before they finally making the purchase. For marketers, it is important to incorporate a star review, rating and testimonial for best click-through rates.


The human brain is fond of numbers and statistics as they’re regarded as being more trustworthy and objective. Thus, to elevate trust with your customers – it is mandatory to leverage numbers and statistics. Providing a clear cut reference to stats will provide a boost inconversion rates.

Celeb Endorsements:

Itis the staple of advertising and has a great effect on online customers. If you have the budget and connections – celebrity endorsements presents a valuable chance for social proof. When people come across a name they recognize, they are bound to pay more attention. Signing with a celeb to promote your products will open an entirely new customer segment for your brand.

Media Proof:

A voice of authority or a businessman of the same niche as your products will be heavily influential for marketing your products. If you have a connection, you should divulge in this relationship as a form of media mention.

The internet empowers its customers with information at their fingertips, which has lead to individualistic thinking. However, the final decision making is heavily influencedby social proof. Witnessing someone else performing the same action before us helps in trusting the credibility of a brand and naturally assuming they are right.

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